Escort Drivers

Escort Vehicle Driver Scheme in NSW – This Scheme has been put on hold until early 2017


This position is a newly created Accreditation and it is intended that the OSOM Escort Driver will replace Police in NSW escorting OSOM Loads.

Please read through the Requirements for NSW OSOM Escort Driver and if you think that you meet the criteria, please go to the RMS NSW Website and download the Requirements

All applicants for authorisation must demonstrate and be found by the Operating Company to be FIT & PROPER PERSONS to be escort drivers.   This will be measured in terms of the applicant’s health and legal history, as well as their skills, qualifications and experience to drive an escort vehicle, manage an OSOM movement and issue appropriate traffic instructions.

All applicants for authorisation must meet the following criteria to the satisfaction of the Operating Company.

Driver Accreditation Requirements:

  • Be an Accredited Pilot with WA and/or Qld and/or Victorian Pilot Accreditations,
  • Provide proof of 100 hours Pilot Driving Experience, have complete a minimum of 20 Pilot/Escorting Jobs (these will be checked),
  • Provide two (2) references from OSOM Transport Companies or Pilot Providers (these references will be checked),
  • Provide a National Criminal History Check (no more than 1 month old),
  • Provide a Driving History check for the past 5 years,
  • Provide a Health Certificate showing that the applicant is fit to drive a vehicle,

NB:         Evidence will require letters from transport operators listing permit numbers and trip details (date, route, duration, etc) or copies of OSOM permits, movement record books or log books as required in other jurisdictions.

Training Requirements:

The applicant must have successfully completed the following units of competency delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO);

  1. TLIB2004A Carry out vehicle inspection,
  2. TLIC3010A Pilot or escort OSOM loads,
  3. TLIE3009A Use pilot and escort communication,
  4. TLIF3013A Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies,
  5. TLIF3060A Control traffic as a pilot vehicle operator (must be no older more than 3years), and
  6. TLIH3002A Plan and navigate Routes

Proof of successful completion of the units of competency set out above will be required by the production of a Statement of Attainment issued by the relevant RTO.

Drivers Licence:

Applicants must hold a current unrestricted class C driver’s licence for at least five years issued by the licensing authority of an Australian State or Territory.

PPE Requirements:

  • Hi-vis shirt with long sleeves and reflective tape on the chest and arms,
  • Long Work Trousers with 2 bands of reflective tape on each leg,
  • Hi-vis vest with “AUTHORISED ESCORT OFFICER” printed in red across the front and rear of the vest (Operating Company to provide vests at cost price),
  • Safety Boots (approved safety shoes acceptable),
  • Head Protection, e.g. hat or cap,

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Predominately white in colour, and a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or less, 4 wheels,
  • Wording “OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD” sign on the roof (as per Pilot Vehicle requirements),
  • Wording “Oversize Load Escort” on front and both sides of vehicle,
  • Green and yellow parallel high visibility striping on each side of vehicle,
  • Orange & yellow chevrons on rear of vehicle,
  • Amber LED Light Bar full width of roof,
  • Vehicle registered as Commercial Vehicle or listed with the relevant authority as a Escort Vehicle,
  • Full Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance with $20 million Public Liability single incident,

Traffic Control Requirements:

  • “STOP/SLOW” Bat,
  • Battery Operated Traffic Control Wand (with spare batteries),
  • UHF Hand Held Radio (80 Ch preferred),
  • Hi-vis vest (as mentioned above),

Business Setup:

  • Escort Drivers will be engaged as Contractors by the operating Company,
  • Applications for Accreditation may be by sole traders, partnerships or corporations with an ABN and TFN matching the applicant’s name. Applications for accreditation will not be accepted from Trusts
  • The applicant must provide evidence that the following Insurances is held and current, and in the case of an applicant that is a partnership or corporation, that the insurance covers the designated Escort Vehicle Driver;
    1. $20 million Public Liability Insurance with a single event cover,
    2. $20 million Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for all vehicles to be used by the applicant as an escort vehicle with a single event cover,


The applicant must provide the following information;

  1. Full Name,
  2. Address,
  3. Contact phone numbers (mobile and/or landline),
  4. Email address,
  5. Copy of Drivers Licence,
  6. Copy of Pilot Accreditation,
  7. Medical Certificate – fit to drive a vehicle,
  8. Drivers History printout from the relevant authority, if the applicant has held the Drivers Licence for less than 2 years in the current jurisdiction, then a copy must be provided from the previous jurisdiction,
  9. National Criminal History check,
  10. Reference letters from two (2) transport operators,
  11. Photocopy of Statement of Attainment for the above mentioned TLI Units,
  12. Proof of Vehicle Registration to be used as a Commercial Vehicle or letter from relevant authority,
  13. Copy of vehicle Registration Papers,
  14. Copy of Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance Policy – with $20 million Limited Liability,
  15. Copy of Public Liability Policy – $20 million.