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The National Pilot Vehicle Drivers Association Inc. was formed around 1991, following a meeting with the then Federal Minister of Transport. The Minister indicated that to achieve the results that we where seeking on a National level it would be better if a National Association was formed as the Government was and still is working towards National uniformity.


It is made up of a group of people who are concerned about their future and wish to know of any changes to the Pilot/Escort industry.

The Associations aims achievements thus far are;

  • Safety always Promoting and developing ways to a safer industry,

  • Give the piloting industry a voice to the various Authorities - Gaining recognition and an open line of communication with the Government Departments,

  • Mutual Recognition - throughout the States and Territories of Australia,

  • National Uniformity - The Association is working with Austroads, NTC, NHVR  and various other State & Territory Government Jurisdiction's to achieve this aim,

  • Increase awareness to the motoring public of our role,

  • Increase professionalism - Provide ideas and advice on WorkCover, public liability, superannuation responsibilities and various other matters,

  • Attend meetings with various Transport jurisdictions to discuss improvements and changes to the industry.


Since the commencement of the Association it has seen a steady increase in its membership and is still growing Australia wide.


The Association Executive is made up of hard working volunteer’s whose work is to ensure that increasing the profile of our industry and that the member’s best interest are always considered.


Every year the association calls for nominations for a committee members, if you feel that you have some input to help improve this Industry, please contact us by contacting the President - e:                                             OR   the Secretary - e: 



What are some of the benefits to you joining The National Pilot Vehicle Drivers Association?


  • Discount Insurance Premiums for both MV/s & Public Liability,

  • Your voice is listened to through Government channels. You are making your mark on your Industry,

  • A resource of industry relevant information which is posted to the member’s area of our website, newsletters, minutes from our AGM’s and Info Bulletins on legislation changes as and when they happen (conveyed through email),

  • Contact details of various authorities and bodies, or assistance in locating those we do not list,

  • Website, which has links to the various Authorities that the heavy haulage industry finds relevant,

  • Updated information on the changes to State & Territory laws as they become available to the association,

  • Assistance on most non-union matters but does NOT included setting of rates.


Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact one of our Committee Members.


There are also various types of Discounted Insurance available through the NPVDA;

  • Road Pilot Public Liability Liability, including Traffic Control

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance



Being a member of the NPVDA will arm you with an array of useful information for your industry:

  • Provide you with a voice direct to Government,

  • Allow you to leave your mark on the industry by getting involved.


The NPDA has places on several Gov't Committees which enables us to keep our members informed on the changes in the industry.


Would you like to become a member of the Association?

Simply print off and fill the in following document (Association application form) and email it to the Secretary.


You will be invoiced for your membership fees once your membership request has been received with payment details being provided on the bottom of the invoice.


Upon joining the NPVDA you will receive:

  • Welcome Letter with you Membership Details and Member PIN No.

  • 2 x NPVDA Logo Bumper Stickers,

  • 2 x "Give Way To Oversize Loads" Bumper Stickers,

  • 2 x NPVDA Cloth Badges (more available from the Shop),

  • 1 x NPVDA Pen,

  • 1 x NPVDA Hi-Vis Cap,

  • 1 x NPVDA Cloth Badge,

  • Regular New Letters keeping you up to date on Industry activity. 

If you wish to pay your membership fees before the invoice arrives, please contact the Secretary for banking details (please include your name on the bank statement).


 Annual Fees:     Single -  $80.00, or

                           Family - $95.00 - open to 2 members of the family who are both pilots, or

                           Group -  $45.00 per person in the case of Companies or Pilot Service Providers where there are 3 or more pilots wanting to be

                                         members of the association.

 For any further information, please email to:                                            or Ph: 0419 951 315

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